Art can do something good!


VogelART supports the Münchner Aids-Hilfe e.V. with the profits from the sale of two editions by internationally renowned artists, which was published in the end of 2022.


With the painted and very carefully produced edition 'Strandung' by Dietmar Lutz and the handmade edition 'You won't believe where I am.' by Friedrich Kunath we want together with the artists to support the work of the Münchner Aids-Hilfe e.V. with 20% of the proceeds of each of these special editions.


Thanks to Dietmar and Friedrich and to all who supported and want to support the Munich Aids-Hilfe by the purchase of one or both of this editions.

We are very proud to announce that the total amount of 35.500 Euro of the donation has already been transferred to the Münchner Aids-Hilfe – thank you for your great and so important work you do!


Münchner Aids-Hilfe e.V.


The Münchner Aids-Hilfe e.V. was founded in 1984 as a self-help organisation for HIV-positive and AIDS patients and has since developed into a broad-based and recognised player in the help and care system of the state capital. With 70 permanent employees and around 150 volunteers, it not only provides advice on HIV and other sexually transmitted diseases.


The Münchner Aids-Hilfe e.V. focuses especially on people in the LGBTIQ* community, e.g. queer senior citizens or trans* and inter*people. It is also involved in housing and care for people with mental illness, works with refugees and enables people with a path back into the labour market with projects such as Café Regenbogen or the conference centre.