Limited art editions from the leading and living artists,
represented and published by VogelART.

NEW editions

Raymond Pettibon

Edition of 48 / Price 2.800,00 €

Raymond Pettibon

Edition of 36 / Price 2.200,00 €

Raymond Pettibon

Edition of 34 / Price 3.300,00 €

Takashi Murakami

Edition of 300 / Price 1.500,00 €

John Giorno

Edition of 75 / Price 950,00 €

Paul Hutchinson

Edition of 8 / Price 1.100,00 €

Martin Klimas

Edition of 30 / Price 1.250,00 €

Thomas Ruff

Edition of 40 / Price 2.500,00 €

Jorinde Voigt

Edition of 180 / Price 350,00 €

Rosemarie Trockel

Edition of 200 / Price 600,00 €

„Buying art is not the same as collecting art.
Collecting is, first and foremost, an investment of one’s time and
one’s soul into learning, discovering, and appreciating.“

Colorful Marble objects by Philipp Messner

NEW MARBLE: Series of 12 different sculptures by Philipp Messner. More ...

Handcolored edition by Carsten Fock

Hoffnung. Handcolored editions of 3 Motives by Carsten Fock. More ...

Unique edition by Brigitte Kowanz

Infinite Curve: Unique artworks by Brigitte Kowanz. More ...

Fluorescent objects by Regine Schumann

MINI STELES: Awesome fluroescent objects by Regine Schumann. More ...

Wool felt edition by Sébastien de Ganay

OPSD: Series of 12 different wool felt ojects by Sébastien de Ganay. More ...

Amazing photography by Martin Klimas

Exclusive photography for vogelARTedition by Martin Klimas. More ...

smOOthandsOft! Edition by Jan Albers

SOLD OUT!!! Series of 25 different sculptures by Jan Albers. More ...

Overpainted Prints by Max Frintrop

KALYPSO: Serie of 19 overpainted Prints by Max Frintrop. More ...

New Art Insurance by SEGURIO

SEGURIO insures your favourite pieces in just 2 minutes. This easy to handle insurance covers all risk worldwide and can protect single works of art or established collections instantly. More ...

Art Consulting with passion & love

You are looking for an artwork for your living room or for your office? Whether in Barcelona, Berlin or Munich - no problem. We help you and find for you solutions with passion and love. More ...



WE LOVE ART and we want to share our passion with as many people as possible. Good art is when it touches emotionally, inspire and you can´t get enough of the artwork. More ...